Ratings Based Filter in Google Play Store


Google Play Store has over 1.3 million applications for Android devices. This makes it the largest digital distribution platform on the Internet. Each application on Play Store has many alternative applications which is a good thing, but sometimes it creates problem for the users to make a choice among many same functionality applications. In this situation, many of us go with the application’s … [Read more...]

Ready Contact List [App of the Week]


Android is the most popular mobile operating system available today. The applications on Play Store make Android a user favourite mobile operating system. The best thing about applications on Android is that you will find a replacement application for almost any stock application available on your Android device. Ready Contact List is a good replacement to the Contacts app on Android. It has a … [Read more...]

Local Support for Multiplayer on Android


Google is about to make your multiplayer gaming experience better on Android. Multiplayer on Android is either turn-based or remote play. A new update for Google Play Games will have support for local sessions on Multiplayer mode. With this new update, Android users will be able to play multiplayer games with nearby player who is also playing the same game. The feature won’t work right away … [Read more...]

Horizon [App of the Week]


With the stock camera application, we often end up making vertical videos which do not look good when played on big screens like your TV or PC Monitor. So the only solution left with you is to hold your phone in landscape mode and record the video. Imagine if you don’t have to worry about the way you hold your phone while capturing a video. With Horizon, it is possible, as you can record a good … [Read more...]

New Indian Languages in SwiftKey


SwiftKey is a very popular keyboard application for Android devices. The keyboard application is available for Android devices on Google Play Store. A new beta version of SwiftKey is now available which supports 13 new Indian languages. These languages are included on request from Indian users. Languages included in SwiftKey Keyboard beta (5.1): … [Read more...]

Calc+ Powerful Calculator [App of the Week]


Calc+ is a modern day calculator application for Android. It has a user-friendly interface, but has a lot of useful features which you won’t find in any other calculator applications available on Play Store. Features:- It allows you to edit numbers and operators by just a touch, in case of incorrect input. It reuses the previous calculation result for the next calculation. Each … [Read more...]

Real Time Translation in Google Translate


Google has so many useful products which make our lives easier. Almost all Google products are updated time to time with unique and innovative features and that is the best part about Google products. Today, Google rolled out another update to their very famous product called Google Translate. The Google Translate mobile application can now translate complete sentences in real-time without … [Read more...]