Z Launcher by Nokia [App of the Week]


Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The customization features in Android is the main reason why most people prefer an Android phone over Appleā€™s iPhone. You can modify your Android device in any way you want by using different launchers available on Google Play Store. Recently, Nokia launched their first Android tablet called Nokia N1 which is a mid-range tablet … [Read more...]

Sleep Better [App of the Week]


We have heard of many software and hardware features available on smartphones which include a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, dual camera and much more. Fitness related features are more in demand these days and big companies like Apple and Samsung are already working on these features. Runtastic is another name which comes into mind when we talk about Fitness. Runtastic is a mobile … [Read more...]

Uber India: Debit Card & NetBanking Support


Uber is a San Francisco based digital taxi service which connects you to drivers through their app. The passenger can book a cab using the Uber application and select a place for pickup. The app shows you the estimated cost of the journey and the waiting time till the car arrives for pickup. Other than this, the application also displays the photo, name and contact number of the driver. The fare … [Read more...]

News Republic: The Best News App [App of the Week]


Smartphones provide us a lot of information on the go. All the leading information providers made an effort to reach you on your smartphone with the help of their application. You can have access to the information by just installing the application on your smartphone or tablet, but it is not easy to manage different apps from different content providers. There is an application which can give you … [Read more...]

Google Voice with Hangouts [Free Calls to US & Canada]


Google India has made a great announcement today. Hangouts users can now make voice calls to mobiles and landlines all over the world. Calls made to United States (US) and Canada are free for now. In all the other countries, you will be charged according to the rates mentioned here. The first minute of a call will be free in the following countries: … [Read more...]

Wakie: Social Alarm Clock [App of the Week]


We have seen so many innovative ideas which have changed the way we live. The mobile software industry has given a big platform to all the developers to implement their innovative ideas and change the world. Wakie is one those innovative ideas which is going to change the way we wake up in the morning. Wakie has reinvented the alarm clock idea. It is a community of people who wake each … [Read more...]

Share Files Quickly using SuperBeam [App of the Week]


Sharing files from one device to another is easier using different mediums, but it can be difficult at times. A normal user would use a Bluetooth connection or a Cloud service like Dropbox to share files between different devices. Transferring files using a Bluetooth makes it difficult to share large sized files because of the slow speed. On the other hand, if you consider using Cloud Services, … [Read more...]