Google Forms Updated With New Features


Google Forms are very useful when it comes to collecting responses from different users. Google has rolled out some new features to Google Drive Forms. List of new features:- Users can search additional features available on Google Forms using [Alt+/] shortcut key. You can randomize the order of questions for the different users. It is a good feature for conducting quizzes on Google … [Read more...]

BitTorrent Bleep Alpha


Over the years, Internet has emerged as a very solid medium for communication. Most of the communication services we get are free of cost, but we cannot ignore the fact that we often sacrifice our privacy in order to use these services. BitTorrent Bleep is an instant messaging service which is server-less, which means your communication will not go through any server and you will be … [Read more...]

Unicode version 7 Released


On Monday, The Unicode Consortium announced the release of Unicode Version 7. There are 250 new emoji pictographic symbols which have been introduced in this new version of Unicode. There is a total of 2,834 characters new characters that have been added including new currency symbols and historic scripts. The new standard extends support for written languages of India, China, North America, … [Read more...]

Google prepared for Fifa World Cup 2014


All Football (Soccer) fans are eagerly waiting for FIFA World Cup which is scheduled to start on June 12th . The good news is that Google is prepared to give you information and updates of this tournament. You can use Google Now or Google Search to get the information you need. There are several commands which people have tried and I am going to share the ones which worked for me. The … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Free on Android and iOS


Microsoft recently released Office Suite for iPad which has 3 different applications. Today, Microsoft announced that their Office app is completely free to Android and iPhone users. Earlier the users had to purchase the Office 360 subscription in order to edit the documents using the Office app but now you can do it without paying for the subscription. Microsoft is taking big steps … [Read more...]

Smartwatch: Moto 360 powered by Android Wear


Google recently announced Android Wear, a tailored version of Android. It has been designed for smartwatches and other wearable devices. A few companies launched their smartwatches last year. Now Motorola is going to release their first smartwatch called “Moto 360”, which is powered by Android Wear. Moto 360 will be available in different styles globally by summer 2014. What I loved … [Read more...]

Android Wear for Wearable Devices


Yesterday, Google announced a new tailored version of Android called Android Wear. Android Wear has been designed for smart watches and other wearable devices. When I say other wearable devices then it also refers to future wearable devices. Android Wear is not exactly like Android. We can do a lot in Android but here with Android Wear the main focus is to provide information like … [Read more...]